Making Branded Clothing So Sew Simple

  • 1. Let's Talk - Get In Touch

    We love to talk and find out what you would like your branded clothing to do for your business.

    Working with nearly every sector you can think of, we can help you with both practical and branding ideas. Call us 07736 926070


  • 2. Ideas, Suggestions and Good Looks

    If you already know what you need, we will do the rest, sourcing your products and applying your branding.

    But we are also here to provide ideas and experience to help you create the best look for your brand including practical and branding considerations.

  • 3. 1000's of Choices

    We can bring you catalogues, clothing and accessories to have a look at.

    Try on clothing before you buy and see if they are a good fit for you and your employees.

    Or we can direct you to our online catalogues and discuss ideas over the phone.
    If you can’t see what you are looking for, just ask! 

  • 4. Embroidery and Print

    We can create your logo from nearly any image. From an existing dirty top, a quick mobile phone pic, or your highest resolution vector image.

    Send us what you have and we will recreate, ready for embroidery or print.


  • 5. Organising Employees & Distribution

    From 1 to 10,000 Employees, we work with you to organise your clothing distribution.

    We sort your garment sizes, genders, colours, designs and fit, labelled and bagged for every individual employee, making distribution process doddle.

  • 6. Delivered To Your Door

    All goods delivered to your door or multi-site locations.

    We can your branded clothing order process sew simple so you can get on with your day to ay jobs.

All Your Embroidery

Bespoke all your clothing with your very own Embroidered logos and images

From the basic basic to the most complex with thousands of stitches, we can re-produce your logo

All Your Screen Print

Print logo’s, number, names or slogans on front, back, shoulders, sleeve and collars.

Print any colour on almost any material and any size, from subtle to stand out on any colour of clothing

All Your Print

Bring your clothing to life and add any image front, back and sides!

Print images, names and colours and bespoke clothing for every staff member

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